Heat Treatment Hardware

Wie offer heat treatment devices for various use cases.

Our portable heat treatment unit WBHS I-1050 R can be used in various industrial areas such as for preheating, build-up welding, for the manufacture and repair of workpieces and for heat treatment – such as stress relief annealing – of different metallic workpieces.

The WBHS Spotheat 1.5 A is designed for fast, highly efficient and safe heating of metal parts and replaces autogenous burners and propane butane burners in workshops. In particular, the WBHS Spotheat 1.5 A is suitable for heating screw connections on vehicles, bearings, etc., for work requiring rapid application and for work in places with a heat-sensitive environment (paints, upholstery, etc.).

The induction heaters of the WBHS Spotheat W series convince through the fast and efficient heating of screws, nuts, shafts, bearings, plates, profiles and round profiles. The main advantages are ease of use, rapid heating and operational readiness. In addition, the use of the WBHS induction heater is clean and environmentally friendly.

This versatility makes our devices a useful tool for both small and large enterprises.

For further information please send us an inquiry, we will be pleased to advise you personally or to send you all technical documents.